Thursday, January 26, 2012

What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love!

With the new year here... I am inspired to create another blog, to share my thoughts, feelings, inspirations and prayers of Love based on what I believe it to be, learning about it in Sacred Scripture and my personal experience of it. I hope to inspire and enlighten, uplift, and resurrect true Love in my own life and in the lives of many others... especially in our world!

I am often reminded of the sweet 70's song, "What the world needs now... is Love, sweet Love... it's the only thing tat there's just too little of!" Indeed this is so true!

God is Love! We learn this in Sacred Scripture and we also learn there that we are God's beloved children, created carefully and lovingly in His beautiful image. Yes, God is Love and so are we! WE have the most precious, priceless, eternal Gift of Love within our very hearts, and souls and beings... yes, every bit of who we are is LOVE that comes from God... and nothing can ever separate us from this Gift, nor from God!

May we search deep within our hearts and souls today and find there... the beautiful Gift of eternal Love God has given us to share, always and everywhere!

My prayers are with you and yours as we continue on in this New Year 2012... may we continue to cultivate a world filled with endless blessings of Love! Let Love begin with you and me! Amen.

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